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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> you can criticize donald trump for a lot of things, but the hat? it is really not that bad. we are here at the fabulous fillmore in downtown the trade. detroit. we will review that impending role, but the other brouhaha of the day. and aomney
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comprehensively scathing rebuke of donald trump this morning in salt lake city. the attempt of the republican party's last nominee to kill the candidacy of this cycle's most likely nominee seemed like the equivalent of a celebrity roast. policy proposals, character, and temperament. short, he stated the new york billionaire was unworthy of president of the united states. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he is playing the american public for suckers. the whitefree ride to house, and all we get is a lousy hat. >> trump supporters sara palin went on social media and urged donald trump to not take the bait. later at a rally in portland,
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maine, donald trump dismissed romney as "irrelevant." tomitt is a failed candidate he failed horribly. -- mitch is a failed candidate. he failed horribly. that was a race i have to say that should have been won. i don't know what happened to him. he disappeared. i am not a fan of barack obama, and that was a race when i backed mitt romney. you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, dropped to her knees, and he would have dropped to his knees. >> many of the conservative media's loudest voices also took after mitt romney for being a profoundly flawed messenger. >> i always like mitt romney. why?
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he's always doing this. i cannot for the life of me give you any explanation. i am more shocked and disappointed than anything else. this is so hurtful. at the end of the day, if trump becomes the nominee -- >> it appears to me that the thatlishment in washington whatever is happening out here is temporary. that it is a fever. that it is a tantrum. that it is a child. a child that has gone astray, and a lecture will straighten him out. be way this is going to heard is, why are you trying to destroy your own base over and over again. >> he is a smart man. this showed bad character. it was embarrassing coming humiliating him and he at no credibility to speak on this. it is like a coach who lost the
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super bowl at 42-0 telling the winning coach what place to call. also, an interview with ian carson criticized mitt romney's speech saying, "i don't see how that is helpful." john mccain said he could not agree with mitt romney more and said he wants voters to think long and hard about who they want our next commander in chief to be. will this have an impact on the race? layf mitt romney wanted to out a thorough, wide-ranging, rigorous, get it all in one list in the bestn sense of the word, then he has done that. he laid it all on the table, every possible argument against trump. with that affect the race? i doubt it because the willlican establishment
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not change much. hannity and rush limbaugh and fox analysts rally to donald trump's side is not what mitt romney had in mind. if there is a way to stop donald trump from getting the majority of delegates, and that's what were talking about, that mitt romney's intellectual case using his prestige, perhaps inspiring can be angive money, important part of trying to get the pieces in place to stop him. i still believe that tax returns, right? donald trump got a lot of questions and did not answer. what is your effective tax rate? did you give money to charity? , think romney goaded him throwing out all these things. let's see if the press picks up on it.
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it is the only way to stop donald trump. slowedy way he will be is it the press picks up on some of the things that mitt romney laid out. >> all these things are failures, it became too late. endorsed somebody, got into the race himself, there's a lot that you can say about how this is too little too late. if it turns out that john kasich tim and ohio and marco rubio beats him in florida and they keep him from getting to the majority of delegates, this speech will be an important thing. will be a moment that you put in the history if you are writing it. i just think it will not work. >> mitt romney has a big following in the republican party. >> especially in the years after he lost, more so. --he left himself runnable
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honorable the fact is i don't think trump is a failed this is leader. he may exaggerate, but he is not a failed business leader. >> he has a mixed record. what romney is right about is that donald trump's boastful claims of being a business excess have not been challenged. were only now hearing about donald trump university and the failures. it's crazy that it has taken so long to raise it. >> the anti-trump movement needs to think about voters. back we willme talk more about trump and have our detroit preview, and hillary clinton who woke up this morning to some headlines about those e-mails.
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we will talk to you about that after this. ♪
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mark: welcome back to the place we like to call hit sville, usa. intimate be the most the bait yet, only four candidates. if this one is anything like the two hours across talk in the houston debate, it will be another rough night for the rnc transcriber. whitey think the moderates might
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want to ratchet down expectations of a schoolyard brawl? moderators did exactly the opposite in an interview with the new york times. he sees his role tonight as a boxing referee who will not get in the way of flying fists. everybody seems inclined to gang up on donald trump tonight. do you think he will be the presidential conciliator he was on tuesday night or the asauro rex?hing trump exhibit a more presidential the meaner. ted cruz andf marco rubio, and maybe john kasich, now that they realize the only game in town is not about trying to produce a message of their own, but to
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take donald trump down. i can imagine that donald trump will withstand three guys attacking him for two hours without going into trump counterpunch mode. mark: i will make a prediction. i never make predictions. john: you make a prediction at least once a day. mark: one of the three or moderators will ask donald trump a question that he is totally unprepared for, and it will be a real test. it will be a substantive question or a personal thing that has never come up before and it will be the moment of the night. is so clear and focused what everyone was trying to do, it means everyone's preparations have been different. , and other debate sometimes to their detriment, the candidates have been trying to take each other out rather than donald trump. have done nothing this week to get under his skin,
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contrast with trump, and the might lead to the kind of question you are trying to talk about. stay abovell try to the fray as much as possible and then step in, but the question is, are you are relevant? john: he interestingly today , he didn't attack romney, then he said i don't think the take donald trump out is by attacking him. those were the candidates. there are a bunch of other people, outsiders, who have the same goal to take donald trump thou. expertsrvative policy have called donald trump unfit for the office, calling his trade position a recipe for economic disaster and calls his "hateful anti-muslim rhetoric
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-- meanwhile donald trump is trying to refrain his candidacy. he was asked about it on "morning joe" this morning. >> who do you respect on foreign policy? .> i respect richard haas i have a few people i really like and respect. kane is a fantastic guy. i respect many of the people, not only on your shows, but many people i and dealing with that don't go on television and will do television and that are great thinkers, but ultimately it is my thought more than anybody else's, where i see the policy of some of these people in our be in the, we will middle east for another 15 years
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if we don't end up losing, because our country is disintegrating. we are spending trillions of dollars in the middle east, and of ourructure ar country is disintegrating. we should never have gotten into iraq. it was a disaster. we have to be isis,, take them out. they are chopping off heads. we can't allow that to happen. i have great people and will let you know at the appropriate time very soon. john: there is donald trump trying to talk about foreign policy. it's not just foreign policy people are attacking him on, there are a lot of people in the donor class. some of the people doing the fundraising that group could write multi million themselves pretty easily. mark, ison for you, how are the attempts of the elites to try to stop trump, how
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are they going? >> my taxicab driver was assessed with the scholars denouncing trump. i think the foreign-policy elites, financial elites, who want to stop donald trump can be a part of it. the lack of focus on voters is kind of insane. you will stop him with a candidate, and most of these people are not engaged with any other candidate. you're going to stop them with votes. as you said, if donald trump is stopped, people can look back and the foreign-policy scholars can be part of the victory, but i don't think it will have much impact. regarding fundraising, i don't understand this. the clock is ticking. billionaires and multimillionaires soliciting money from others. john: the national review went after donald trump weeks ago. mark: my taxicab driver mention
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that as well. john: i'm sure he did. s hadntellectual panjandrum' no effect. -- y like paul singer a $40 million check and put some advertising on the air. john: they could make a difference if they open their checkbook. they have not done it yet, that we know of. mark: hillary clinton took a day off the campaign trail. arrival bernie sanders had events in kansas and nebraska. before he left, he held a press on clinton's campaign rhetoric. bernie sanders: secretary clinton's views and minor different. she has supported nafta. i opposed nafta. she supported permanent normal trade relations with china.
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i vigorously opposed it. she supported normal trade relations with vietnam. i oppose that. she posed their support of the columbia trade agreement. i oppose that. she supported the korean free-trade agreement. i opposed that. drop ahe washington post thathell, reporting immunity has been granted to a former staffer, and that the fbi will question clinton and her closest aides in the coming weeks. do the democratic elite and have voters -- and voters have recourse now? always haveill recourse. as bernie sanders would tell you, they still have a lot of primaries and caucuses to come. it is true the delegate math is daunting, if not completely impassable, for bernie sanders.
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a serious thing happen in hillary clinton's life in the realm of the e-mail probe and scandal, they could still turn to bernie sanders in terms of the national narrative and these contests that sanders has to win by a big margin. if voters get scared enough, he could do that. mark: a lot of democratic elites and voters think that even a week hillary clinton under investigation. there is this weird mass psychology. they were hammering over this, then they were obsessed with bernie sanders. i thinkd have to be -- she can now survive the interview by the fbi without much damage to her. where as, that would have been cataclysmic. democrats are hand ringers and will hand ring about hillary
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clinton until she wins or loses on election day in november. coming up, the state of the state ofn race in the michigan and we will talk to the state's gop chair when we come back.
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♪ ing us now is the state gop chair of the republican party. give us an overview of the michigan republican party. what is this a electorate and party that these candidates are vying for the favor of heading
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into next tuesday's primary? andur electorate is engaged excited and concerned and passionate about this election. past yearn it or the as candidates have come through our state. we have had over 30 visits in the past year, and the crowds have been enormous. a changely want to see in the white house. they are concerned about the direction of this country. they are paying attention. they are ready to vote on march 8. mark: you think your candidate should be the nominee, or not necessarily? clearhink the rules are that 1200 37 delegates, that is the way it should work. everybody knows the rules. if that candidate meets the fresh old, they should be the candidate of our party. -- the nominee of the party. john: if you had 1235, would it be find in your conception for that person to not get in nominee? isi think that threshold
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1237. everybody knows it. everybody agrees to it. i think we should follow the rules and think we will have a candidate who meets at threshold. john: if someone fell short, your view is the rules allow for a contested convention? we have had contested conventions before. that is the process. everybody knows 1200 37, you don't reach it, we are bound on the first boat. the second vote is unbound and you can vote for whoever you choose. mark: a lot of your friends supporting donald trump? >> i have family members in all the camps. relatives is the biggest donald trump fan in the world. she lives in michigan. my son likes ted cruz. my daughter likes john kasich. i am neutral. i have to bring them all
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together. -- what do sheis like about trump? >> she has been engaged from the beginning and feels like he is speaking for her, and that's wonderful. she is engaged in the process. it has have -- been wonderful to have so many people in our state engaged. mark: how old is your son? >> he is 10 years old. party andtea evangelical conservatives, give me a sense relative to the bulk of the party how this play here. evangelical conservatives are with ted cruz in our state. john: is that a big part of the michigan republican party, evangelicals? >> it is. ande is a tea party split that libertarian group leaning more towards donald trump, and then i think the traditional johnlicans are more in the
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kasich-marco rubio camp. everybody i have talked to is committed to getting behind our nominee. ourave to get behind nominee. if we are splintered or fractured, then we lose the white house. leave elected ability aside and issues like outsider side, like foreign policy and economy, what are people talking about? is always important. we are talking about jobs. people are concerned about wages. we have seen the middle crass -- class struggling. national security is the second issue. isis, terrorist attacks we have seen on our own soil in san bernardino, that is an issue i here at every town hall lie do. candidatesny of the talking specifically enough about how michigan could create more jobs? >> i hope we see more of that
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tonight. i am glad we will have only four candidates. we will get to hear a lot more about their specific plans to stimulate our economy. mark: thank you. john: thank you very much. it is great to see you. on mitt- up next, more romney's speech. that is after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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>> one of these men should be nominee. mark: that was mitt romney today. tooklked about earlier, he on the man who backed him in 2012, donald trump. parts of theown speech now. starting with one argument that trump wouldthat election.eneral >> trading their political to enrich their personal finances. temple, cronye capitalism. it disgust the american people to lose faith in our political process. untrustworthy and dishonest as hillary clinton president.come a trump nomination enables her victory. abouthe was scathing
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hillary clinton. we can't let trump be our toinee because he'd lose clinton. john: there's an element here. there's no way romney could make the argument doing this thing of attackingpast nominee the nominee without demonstrating that he has a partisan bonus. clinton is the ultimate foe. if he didn't say that, he would than he wasng more by many on the right like rush limbaugh. do that. it's a fine argument. the core what he's saying, he's more concerned, i think about the nature and character of the republican party than he is electorally about calculation. trump losesws that to clinton. those who areor suspicious that romney doing this because he wants to run,
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saying just people how negative he was about hillary clinton. peopleaming what some found a tale that maybe he wants to audition to say i want to clinton.illary i don't think that's what he's doing. didas quite scathing and ear. my john: i agree with you. there's some part of mitt romney if a contested convention happens, people assume -- that's what're aiming if. he's trying to get to a contested convention. he didn't say that. ear. if you get to a contested convention, many people assume it will be kasich or rubio. there's some part of him that, i'm sure. romney also kept hammering trump taxes. releasing his tax returns. trump, again that the billionaire has something to hide. >> we will only really know if a real deal for a phony if he releases his tax returns and withape of his interview
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the "new york times." i predict there are more returns.s in his tax i predict he doubt give much to veterans.ed to despite his promise to do so, first made over a year, he will never, ever release his tax returns. never. not the returns under audit, not even are the returns no longer being you a cut debted -- being audited. to hide.o much john: romney has unique standing in 2012 what happened over his own taxes. he must be galling that he can get away with that. what do you think the strength of this argument in terms of trump?g mark: cruz and rubio were raising it. before avoided answering. i predict that he'll be asked somebody, tonight by maybe the moderators. as we've all said, even under say, what hisd
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effective rate and what his was.e john: i think this is an issue that cuts because it is the our politics that presidential nominees eventually do this.oint, have to was studded speech with permanent attacks against with permanent attacks against >> is he a huge business success. doesn't he know what he's about? no, he isn't. no he doesn't. inherited his business. he didn't create it. is genius he donald trump tells us that he is smart. i'm afraid when it comes to is very notcy, he smart. irony in hisk
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boast of his sexual exploits war.g the vietnam dishonesty is donald trump's hallmark. there's plenty of evidence that a con man, a fake. think of donald trump's personal qualities. bullying, the greed, the the -- off, mark: well, he was smart to do it in utah. because the crowd love this stuff. very ly say, i'm uncomfortable to hear sexual employs coming out of -- exploits coming out his mouth. some of the jokes landed ber and worse. africakyness --
5:36 pm
friskiness to romney. he would have been a much better -- effective candidate. mark: i don't see a lot of anxiety or worry this trump. based on what i saw today, getting under some skin. john: in mccain steps up, i do think that will start to have an effect on the discourse and have on trump's head. pandemoniumt in the in the republican race. don't forget, you're watching us in washington d.c. you can listen to us in bloomberg d.c. on 99.1. we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back. we're in detroit. pretty soon republican on to the will step debate stage. here to talk about the race and the debate our reporter panel tonight the great contributor sasha eisenberg. up with a piece about marco rubio's free media strategy. being here.l for phil, let me start with you. trump come in tonight on offense because what happened on super tuesday or defense? gang up >> i'd say on defense. lot to answer for. he's starting to do that some of rally. the we can expect marco rubio and ted cruz to sake shots tonight. be all about trump and how he deals with some of the questions about his business record. >> i can see ted cruz jump in on
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that. they want cruz to go after donald trump. unlike marco rubio. can say, rubio is not a factor. it's going to be the two people going the delegate counts after it. that's why you see them mix it and other issues you seen cruz talk about like university.nd trump john: i just curious whether you looking at the exit polls looking at the results on super tuesday. rubio in way claim a strategy taking on trump actually helped him. some talk about or is that all smoke and mirrors? >> i don't think there's enough a case. make i don't think in the public polling, you see a lot of evidence of movement. for himider have gone in previous states. of the sort of prephase rubio campaign.
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one of the assumptions they themselves intion a place where they're acceptable to different factions of the party. geographic support with assumption that if candidates bestaway, rubio will be position to pick them up. he has been. movement in iowa in that direction. south carolina as well. not necessarily starting calling. mark: what do you think the campaign think about mitt romney everybody that support the person got the best chance to stop trump? >> they're all coming to recognize that assumptions under that are necessary. them can within on a first ballot. they all recognize that. we'rerror going -- what going to see is what they logic of that. everybody's strategic interest except for donald
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trump. no candidate can accept that. we'll see to the extent which cruz and marco rubio go after one another execute that to will be for john kasich say i will do campaign appearances in ohio fornd focus on mar -- >> we're seeing some of that already. andch is going in michigan ohio. really focusing on those wins. some otherusing on states. rubio is all in on florida. we can expect to see him there next week. john: i always think about saturday. there's a bunch of contest on caucuses and the places where they are, they seem to be good spots for ted cruz to a pretty good salted. >> when you look at the races happening now between march 15th. foreems like a natural fit ted cruz in places like
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louisiana. they want to mix it in up in mississippmichigan too. three weeks ago, they were talking michigan will be it. offthey sort of backing that saying trump will win. i think broadly when you look at romney speech today, it's fascinating. what planet we're on. ted cruz is applauding mitt romney to coming out saying what he's been saying about donald trump. where we are. maine caucus the on the republican side in 2012? >> ron paul. libertarians. mark: debate tonight is a big saturday event and so are c pac. talkedere mitt romney severelyngs -- being conservative. big deal for them or not? >> cruz is headed there.
5:44 pm
carson, he's now effectively dropped out the campaign. being cageyhe's it.t it could potentially help cruz in some of the states where is more of the evangelical population. john: if ben carson leaves the the voters go? >> i think cruz will be the go.ral place to it's unclear how much that's personalized by carson and his circle and there's been tons that.edia attention about carson voters care about the inside allegations in iowa, i know. mark: you're a long time romney watcher. do you think what he did today would affect the race? >> i don't know if it will move voters. determined.'s to be certainly it gave the republican
5:45 pm
establishment sort of clarifying moment. something to rally behind. it might stimulate more big super pac to into trump. john: did you sense this is something that's been building got anths and he finally chance to uncork the whole thing? >> he's been frustrated by the campaign --e the campaign. think the important moment, you had a major party after voters to vote. has something people talk about. think aboutsay, where you are until you can stop trump. mark: thank you all appreciate. it we'll be back. coming up with folks who and rubiothe cruz perspective. big preview of tonight's show motor city. the only one will leave.
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will leave. four we'll be right back.
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john: welcome back to detroit. theory practice some of the using.hey will be ron nearing the cruz campaign spokesperson and alex conen. thank you for coming in. of debate of course in the cycle. ted cruz, marco rubio, other spent more time attacking each other than going over the front runner.
5:48 pm
possibly to their ultimate disadvantage. tonight is seems it might be different. do you guys agree with that assessment. >> we'll have to wait until the debate over in order to make assessment. >> if you look at the debate last week, it certainly was not good night for donald trump. the candidates did focus on him they hadn't. donald trump is the front runner. if republican voters across the don't want donald trump tobe the nominee, they need coalesce around somebody else. marco rubio campaign in the to unite the party and trump.donald that's part of the debate tonight. >> this less another drawing contrast. there are some stark differences here. the run upses me in to this debate, donald trump has not put these issues to rest. a lot of financial
5:49 pm
questions to rest. can put the questions about his immigration position to rest if he authorize the "new york to release that tape. he doesn't done that. willd political operator get rid of those issues. mark: mitt romney talked about that you have both candidates put out some tax information. reason you think is the donald trump won't put out his taxes? >> only donald trump can answer that. who knows. questions itype of get asked when you didn't act in the interest of transparency. here, really important this process, is not only about delivering a nominee but a nominee who is well vetted where all the information is available. want to have the candidate being vetted after they won the nomination. then you can't go back. the potential problem for the republican party if nominee.ump is the
5:50 pm
>> there's new questions how is giving torump veterans. he brags about giving to veteran causes. he can answer that if he release his tax returns. questions. i think in addition to not questionsquests a-- aside. saying an new york suit can go on against him for university. john: john kasich, he realized there's no way he'll get the delegates. only thing in town is to stop trump from getting the 1237. there are people in your world
5:51 pm
who acknowledge the basic truth of that for your candidates too. just right now, are you guys ready to stand here and say, i understand that my candidate is not going to get 1237. game now again, is stop trump from getting to that and fight it out in cleveland. >> absolutely not. one way to defeat donald trump get the 1237 delegates before the convention. i would understand someone like john kasich would make that argument. he doesn't have any way in. this allows him to keep in the game. he's having fun. high to havee too candidates who have no way of getting the nomination standing preventing the coalescing around the candidate who can win. the onlye ted cruz is candidate who defeated donald trump five times now. in texas and oklahoma and alaska and iowa. otherwise, going to the convention is a very risky strategy for the republican and it puts the future of risk.e party at >> marco rubio has a better chance of securing 1237 delegates looking at the map --
5:52 pm
the states that have yet to virginia andike minnesota than they do texas and alabama where trump and ted cruz well. beyond that, it was three or four candidates in the race. is muchthe convention more likely. getting 35% of the vote is the winner. mark: any prospect that your two team up? will >> no, i don't think so. i haven't heard any talk about that. intend to win florida and beyond that the map gets much better. we're going to come out of map, lotith favorable of momentum and money. with marco rubio, the best the stage.n john: you should have preface that with all due respect. be a any chance it would good idea to have a rubio and team? his poll numbers
5:53 pm
in the state of florida not looking good for him now. seems like why we're able to see the expectations. his job.s very good at rubio campaign has done is a theer job manipulating expectations game than delivering votes on the ground. clear difference. john: this fight will continue off camera. thank you. you in the spin room after this debate. we'll be right back here with the day.
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mark: mitt romney performance was not perfect. he did a tough thing. the game with speech today.t the agenda for fans, games begun training. tonight the latest debate tonight. markage as well as signature report card. "bloomberg west." tomorrow, we say -- ♪
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mark: i am mark crumpton. today unleashed a blitzkrieg attack on donald trump.
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currentays the republican front-runner is a fraud who must not be president. trump returned the criticism saying romney ran a terrible campaign four years ago. they are minus ben carson, holding the debate tonight in detroit, michigan. two endorsements for marco rubio, one from the miami herald .ewspaper, florida governor rick scott says he will not endorse anyone before his state primary in two weeks. president obama is in milwaukee to highlight an insurance overhaul that has helped millions of americans gain coverage. on 30,000ulated people gaining coverage. million inabout 4.8 2013. north korea shows what it thinks about the new u.n. sanctions, hours after


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